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Servicing greater Kansas City area including counties:

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Water Softener
Built to Last

JFDWater is the Kansas City areas only Kinetico Authorized Service Provider.

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Water Softener Packages Installed Starting at $1395


Why Choose Kinetico Water Softeners?

Kinetico Water Softeners offer an Award Winning line of water softeners. Starting with MADE IN USA, Kinetico Water Softeners provide durability that is preferred in many commercial industries including: Hotels, Restaurants and Offices.

Kinetico's Residential Water Softeners offer the same durability and long warranty, making the Kinetico Non-Electric Water Softener the proven choice for the Kansas City area. 

Kinetico Residential Water Softeners come in more than 29 sizes, ensuring no flow restrictions, that many other brands have challenges with.


“ My wife and I had been talking about getting a water softener for years. I had one growing up and knew what a difference it can make for your hair and skin. We had looked at others, but then we found out about the Kinetico system (both from a family recommendation and at Home Depot). 

Wow what a difference! We wish we had done this sooner. We feel there are many advantages with Kinetico over traditional water softening systems, and after 2 months we are very pleased with our decision.”

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 Expert Advice

Misapplication of water treatment is a common and costly problem.

JFDWater goes the extra mile ensuring we are well trained on all the diverse applications of water treatment including; flow rate, identifying problems and finding solutions.

Backed Warranty

Many companies make whatever promise to get the deal done. 
JFDWater stands behind whatever product or service we offer with a genuine warranty on paper, that you can count on.

Licensed & Insured

Water damage is not cheap. 

Many companies that advertise low or discounted prices are not insured to cover the cost of the products and services they provide. JFDWater is fully Licensed and Insured, making sure you are protected.

Track Record

96% of all businesses fail within the first 10 years. 

Since 1952 JFDenney has been answering the phone, so in 5 years or 15 years when you call with a question we will be there to answer the phone.

Certified Techs

Water treatment is not something any plumber can install. 

In addition to Master Plumbers on staff, JFDWater has factory trained Kinetico Installers to expertly install residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Background Check

You have to trust who you allow into your home. 

Our staff goes through extensive background checks to ensure your property stays in the same condition that we found it.

A+ Communication

The #1 complaint we hear when replacing competitors systems, is poor communication.

JFDWater knows your time is valuable and shouldn't be wasted on hold, trying to get through multiple prompts and support people.

Easy Maintenance

Some companies void the warranty if they don't maintain the equipment.

JFDWater wants you to have the most convenient process, stop by either location or have us ship you flyers, or sign up on our full service maintenance program.
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