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JFDWater proudly carries Kinetico brand  Water Softeners, a global leader in non-electric water treatment technology.
Rinnai is the premier brand tankless water heaters, providing the industries best warranty, to ensure long lasting durability.
From basic taste and odor filters, to complete Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems, JFDWater has you covered on all your drinking water needs.
Remove all the harsh contaminants including Chlorine and Chloramine, so taking a shower will be a synch, with no more dry itchy skin.

Kinetico is the preferred brand water treatment for over 200 local restaurants and businesses including:


JFDWater is the water treatment division of JFDenney, a full service plumbing, heating, cooling, excavation, remodeling and water treatment. JFDenney was founded in 1952 by John and Dorthy Denney and is still family owned and operated to this day.

JFDenney is an independent authorized dealer for Kinetico Water Treatment products and was hand selected by Kinetico, as the only authorized dealer in the Kansas City market. JFDenney doesn't take this lightly, and continues to strive, providing the best quality water treatment service and products money can buy.


  • “ Very Happy The system was installed a few months ago and water is now noticeably soft. Here's why a Kinetico is worth the extra money: 1. it never stops softening your water-- even if the power goes out, even if it's regenerating. 2. It regenerates based on how much water you use, as opposed to using a timer. 3. It only takes 15 minutes (maybe less?) to regenerate--that's a lot of water being saved.”

    Charlotte, KCK

  • “ My wife and I had been talking about getting a water softener for years. I had one growing up and knew what a difference it can make for your hair and skin. We had looked at others, but then we found out about the Kinetico system (both from a family recommendation and at Home Depot). So we setup an appointment with Keziah, and the next week had our water system installed. Wow what a difference! We wish we had done this sooner. We feel there are many advantages with Kinetico over traditional water softening systems, and after 2 months we are very pleased with our decision.”

    Clinton Cohagan

  • “ I purchased a Kinetico S650, 1060 dechlor, and K5 drinking water system. It has been in use for a little over a year and works very well. Our salesman Jason Davis did a good job of explaining the benefits of the system. Jarod did a fine job installing. The system is very water efficient and doesn't use much salt in the flushing process. We have only needed to fill it with salt once in a year and there is still plenty left. I would say that this is a quality system. The soft water is a great improvement and it is quite a convenience having the drinking water system.”

    Alan B. Wigodner, KCMO


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